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Project for recycle bin

Other projects

In January 2011 “ECOPACK Bulgaria” PLC announced a competition for design of home container for recycle waste. Proposals had to meet the following conditions:

  • Comprising three compulsory sections: for paper and cardboard packaging, plastic and cans and glass bottles and jars, each of which is marked in corresponding colors: blue, yellow, green;
  • Compact and not take much space (recommended volume between 25 and 75 l.);
  • Should be constructed so that it is easy to use and subsequent disposal of packaging;
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (made of tough, impact resistant material);
  • Suitable for putting into mass production;
  • Costs of production must be minimal;
  • If possible, container should be compatible with standard components for kitchen furniture;
  • Good aesthetic parameters;

I took part with the project, which you can see here. For my regret he was not been selected among the top five projects, but I am glad that I participated in this competition.

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