Chaos Group presented V-Ray Showreels 2013

In V-Ray Showreels 2013 are presented the best works in the field of computer graphics and special effects, which are made using V-ray.

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The Amazing Chaos Group’s 2012 V-Ray Demo Reels

V-Ray released their new series of advertising clips for 2012. Videos are divided into five categories – architecture, film effects, automotive, animation and advertising.

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How to create geometry roof tiles in 3ds Max

If you want to make roof tiles in 3ds Max you have two choices – to use a map and displacement or to create them from geometry.

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AutoCAD Quick Send to 3ds Max

It allows you to load .dwg files and drawings in 3ds Max directly from AutoCAD, without having to use the import command or the File Link Manager.

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Create realistic sea in 3ds Max with Houdini Ocean

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a realistic sea in 3ds Max using the Houdini Ocean modifier, part of the Houdini Ocean Toolkit.

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