Preserve the colors of objects when inserting dwg file into 3ds Max and moving them to new layer

When you insert dwg file into 3ds Max and move all CAD objects in new layer, they are losing its original colors and become white.

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Embedding AutoCAD drawing in your website with ShareCAD

Embedding AutoCAD drawing into your website has never been so easy. With ShareCAD you can do this and also to view drawings only with your web browser.

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How to bring back Drag and Drop in Windows 8

It turned out that the reason for the loss of Drag and Drop in Windows 8 is very simple and it is due to the first thing I hated in Vista.

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Infographic: Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Keys

Interesting infographic, which shows all the Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Keys, and with which is easier to understand and remember them.

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How to model a pillow in Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is suitable for modeling any textile items from the interior, including pillows and blankets.

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Photorealistic Grass – New Video Tutorial From Viz-People

The process of creating vegetation covers everything from modeling the grass blades to color correcting the final image.

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Basics of making selections and using masks in Photoshop

Martin Perhiniak explains clearly and understandably what are the basic techniques for working with the software.

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Ambient Occlusion + Displacement and Bump maps

If you have made any bumps and wrinkles through Displacement or Bump map, this effect will not be visible in Ambient Occlusion and you will get only a smooth surface.

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