How to model a pillow in Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is a software for modeling clothing and apparel and it allows fashion designers to present their models in a very attractive and realistic way.

It turns out that this software is suitable for modeling any textile items from the interior, including pillows and blankets. You can get familiar with capabilities of Marvelous Designer from the video below, which is done by Juraj Talcik and Veronika Demovicova.

They have made a tutorial about how they achieved this realistic result, which you can find in Issue 51 of 3D Artist magazine. More info is published in Behance.

I found a video in which Glauco Grimaldi shows the process of creating a pillow with Marvelous Designer. This may sound insignificant (it is just a pillow), but I’m impressed how easy it is to work with this product and how good is the final result. In this video the process of creating a pillow takes about seven minutes to complete.
The original video has been removed, so I picked a new, from another author.

Marvelous Designer is paid and personal license cost $199, but you can download and try it for 30 days. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS, soon it will be available for Linux too.

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Srdjan Vidakovic


Marvelous Designer

Looks great!

Mladen Gradev

Thanks. Glad you like the post. Your product is great too 🙂

Juraj Talcik

Did you read our tutorial ? I only posted 3 images from it to Behance, because I can’t post what was published by 3dArtist, but I am very sure it’s by far the most complex tutorial ever written for it.

As for speed of the program, you can get pillow like in the video indeed for 10 minutes, but for overall much higher quality, even getting nice pillow can take over an hour. Still, there is no better solution for clothing out there.


Hi Juraj,

I saw your tutorial here: If there is another, I don’t know about it. However, I did not want to say that your tutorial is bad. It`s just Glauco Grimaldi`s video is more understandable for me, than your link above. But because of your tutorial I understood about the capabilities of this software. So, thank you for this. And your work is really amassing and impressive 🙂


Juraj Talcik

But it’s not tutorial :- ) Or maybe I understand you wrong. There is link to 3dArtist’s published tutorial by us. It has 7 pages, over 2000 words and 20+ pictures. It’s not video, but the scope was not possible to do over video, the work itself on bed modeling took week.

It’s in 3dArtist 51Issue February.


Hi Juraj,

Sorry for the late reply. I found my mistake and the text about your tutorial is now correct. I can not see it, but i guess it is great tutorial.