Quick modeling of quilted elements in 3ds Max

Ivan Druzhinin from Fountain Tools has made an interesting and useful script for easy modeling of quilted elements in 3ds Max.

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Yobi3D – search engine for easy finding of 3D printable models

If you are looking for 3D printable models or low poly models for games, there is one place which is good to start your search. And this is Yobi 3D.

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Vizpark are looking for the perfect Shaderball for their 3D materials

Vizpark needs a VP branded Shaderball, similar to other shaderballs of companies, platforms or renderers.

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How to model a pillow in Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is suitable for modeling any textile items from the interior, including pillows and blankets.

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Clean up geometry of objects in 3ds Max

You import an object in Max and it does not look good at all. In this article I would like to present you a few ways about how to clean up geometry of those objects.

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Photorealistic Grass – New Video Tutorial From Viz-People

The process of creating vegetation covers everything from modeling the grass blades to color correcting the final image.

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How to create geometry roof tiles in 3ds Max

If you want to make roof tiles in 3ds Max you have two choices – to use a map and displacement or to create them from geometry.

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Bookmanager – 3ds Max script for easy placement of books

Bookmanager is a 3ds Max script for organizing books in your scenes. It has many features which facilitate this task repeatedly.

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