Yobi3D – search engine for easy finding of 3D printable models

There are dozens of sites on the Internet that offer 3D models. In some of them you can find free and quality 3D models, which are detailed modeled and include all necessary textures and materials. In others you will find low poly models suitable for 3D printing, game development or similar purposes. If you need any of the second type, there is one great place to start your search. And this is Yobi3D.

Yobi3D is a search engine, which is crawling and indexing dozens of websites for 3D models and is constantly adding more and more object to its database. At this moment there are a lot of results, when you search for something in Yobi, but nevertheless its creator Jessy Lee says that the search engine is still in its early days and its functions will be improved and developed in future.

Yobi3D is awesome and will probably be useful for some of you for several reasons:

  • It is optimized for any device and you can search for 3D printable models from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Before you download a model, you can view the file from all angles in 3D. There are several modes for review.
  • You can get information about file size, number of polygons and url for downloading. Basically all the information you need is available on the screen. Here is the moment to clarify that some sites require registration to download the models.
  • There are filters that you can use to facilitate your search. Such as, filters for searching by file type, number of polygons and usage rights.

As you can see from the example model above, the interface of the search engine is quite convenient for a quick overview of the results. Try it yourself and see if it’s helpful for you.

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