Basics of making selections and using masks in Photoshop

Software such as Photoshop have so many features and options, that if someone does not show you exactly how to use them, it will be probably hard for you to learn them yourself. Or at least, would take much longer. That is why I decided to share with you this video presentation in which Hungarian graphic designer and official instructor from Adobe – Martin Perhiniak, explains clearly and understandably what are the basic techniques for working with the software.

One of the most useful features is the use of masks in Photoshop, by which to control the effects applied to images or parts of them. For some of you this method might be something common, for others it might be something new. Whatever your level of knowledge of Photoshop is, I’m sure that everyone will learn something new from the video bellow. Just keep in mind that it is 90 minutes long, but definitely worth watching.

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