Create custom hatches in AutoCAD

Hatches in AutoCAD are something which everyone working with the program knows about and most probably use them. They can be found in every drawing and helps for better perception.

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Several ways for creation of road in 3ds Max

If you need to make a road that winds through the mountains, here you can see several ways for its creation in 3ds Max.

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How to remove “Produced By An Autodesk Educational Product”

Have you had to open a .dwg file, which was sent to you and to receive this notice – Produced By An Autodesk Educational Product.

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Create realistic sea in 3ds Max with Houdini Ocean

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a realistic sea in 3ds Max using the Houdini Ocean modifier, part of the Houdini Ocean Toolkit.

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Ten Free Scripts For 3ds Max

Ten useful and free scripts for 3ds Max, which can help you to speed up your work. They concern parts of modeling, lighting, cameras and others. You can try and decide which of them you want to use.

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AutoCAD WS Desktop Folder

Recently AutoCAD WS for Android was released and the latest innovation to it is access to the contents of your account as an ordinary folder on your desktop.

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Modeling sand dunes in 3ds Max

In Ronen Beckermann`s blog appeared interesting video tutorial for modeling sand dunes in 3ds Max and decided to share it with you.

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