Download free 3D models from Talcik – Demovicova Visuals

Juraj Talcik and Veronika Demovicova have prepared a series of free 3D models, real products from the brands Dedon and Poliform.

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How to bring back Drag and Drop in Windows 8

It turned out that the reason for the loss of Drag and Drop in Windows 8 is very simple and it is due to the first thing I hated in Vista.

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Infographic: Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Keys

Interesting infographic, which shows all the Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Keys, and with which is easier to understand and remember them.

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5 free scripts for faster work with 3ds Max

These five script will allow you to perform certain operations faster and to expand some of 3ds Max features.

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Download free 3D models of beds from Flou

These are 63 free 3D models of beds in .3ds format from the company that gave the modern look of today’s bed.

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