2013 CGarchitect 3D Awards Winners Announced

On July 6 in La Coruna, Spain were announced the winners of Architectural 3D Awards 2013.

Organizers from CGarchitect said that this year there was a record number of participants, over 3,000 candidates from 40 different countries.

Unlike previous editions, this time the categories were seven:

  • Interactive category
  • Commissioned image category
  • Non-commissioned image category
  • Commissioned film category
  • Non-commissioned film category
  • Student film category
  • Student image category

Here are the winners in different categories.

Interactive category

3D Virtuality Sketching
Author: Violin Yanev & Gerhard Schubert
Company: Chair for Architectural Informatics / Technische Universität München
Country: Germany

Commissioned image category

Обявиха победителите в CGarchitect 3D Awards за 2013

Office building PARIS
Author: RSI Studio
Country: France

Non-commissioned image category

Победителите в Architectural 3D Awards 2012

Author: JingYang LI
Country: China

Commissioned film category

Cidade da Copa
Author: Ryan Lintott
Company: Squint/Opera
Country: United Kingdom

Non-commissioned film category

Butterfly Project
Author: Thiago Lima
Country: Brazil

Student film category

Part of Diploma in Architecture
Author: Richard Black
Country: United Kingdom

Student image category

Победителите в Architectural 3D Awards 2012

Creative Hub
Author: Sérgio Merêces
Country: Portugal

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