Leap Motion – say goodbye to your mouse and keyboard

Leap Motion offers a whole new way of working with your computer. According to its creators, it is a good substitute for the keyboard, mouse and touch screens. You can control your PC or laptop in a three-dimensional environment by movements of your fingers and hands.

What exactly is Leap Motion?

This is a small device about the size of credit card that connects to your computer via USB port. After installing the required software and a short calibration it is ready for use. It creates a field with size around 60/60/60 cm, which detects any movement of your hands and fingers. According to manufacturers, the field is with sensitivity of 1/100 of a millimeter and 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market. It distinguishes between finger movements and the movements of your hands and also detects if you hold an object such as pen. From what we can see from the video, with Leap you are able to do both fast swing movements and precise gestures like writing.

Because of all that, the device can be used in many areas of our everyday life or work – from gaming to design, digital art and even in medicine, in performing complex surgeries.

Prices and order

Leap Motion is currently in a final development stage and first deliveries expects to start in the winter of this year. You can become a part of the team which develops and test the device. To do this you must register and you will receive a free sample. Currently the technology works under Windows, but in the future is expected to support Mac OS X and Linux.

Although it is not completely finished, you can order Leap Motion and be among the first to receive it. The device is sold for $ 69.99 without delivery cost.

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