3ds Max

5 free scripts for faster work with 3ds Max

These five script will allow you to perform certain operations faster and to expand some of 3ds Max features.

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Download free 3D models of beds from Flou

These are 63 free 3D models of beds in .3ds format from the company that gave the modern look of today’s bed.

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VR Sun Tool for 3ds Max – Easy V-Ray Sun

As you may have guessed from the name, VR Sun Tool is designed to facilitate the workflow with V-Ray Sun and Sky and this is achieved by better arranged settings and functions.

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Optimize your scenes with Teague Scene Checker

What Teague Scene Checker does is to review the settings in your scenes and notify you about errors or eventual significant delay in render time.

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Clean up geometry of objects in 3ds Max

You import an object in Max and it does not look good at all. In this article I would like to present you a few ways about how to clean up geometry of those objects.

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Photorealistic Grass – New Video Tutorial From Viz-People

The process of creating vegetation covers everything from modeling the grass blades to color correcting the final image.

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6 script for finding and organizing missing textures in 3ds Max

If you have any problems with missing textures in 3ds Max and want to save time from searching them, here you can find some scripts that will help you.

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Ambient Occlusion + Displacement and Bump maps

If you have made any bumps and wrinkles through Displacement or Bump map, this effect will not be visible in Ambient Occlusion and you will get only a smooth surface.

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