Auto CAD

Preserve the colors of objects when inserting dwg file into 3ds Max and moving them to new layer

When you insert dwg file into 3ds Max and move all CAD objects in new layer, they are losing its original colors and become white.

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Embedding AutoCAD drawing in your website with ShareCAD

Embedding AutoCAD drawing into your website has never been so easy. With ShareCAD you can do this and also to view drawings only with your web browser.

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How to embed a drawing in a web page with AutoCAD WS

This allows your visitors to work with real .dwg files and to take advantage of some of the standard features of AutoCAD WS.

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Create custom hatches in AutoCAD

Hatches in AutoCAD are something which everyone working with the program knows about and most probably use them. They can be found in every drawing and helps for better perception.

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How to remove “Produced By An Autodesk Educational Product”

Have you had to open a .dwg file, which was sent to you and to receive this notice – Produced By An Autodesk Educational Product.

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AutoCAD Quick Send to 3ds Max

It allows you to load .dwg files and drawings in 3ds Max directly from AutoCAD, without having to use the import command or the File Link Manager.

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What’s new in next AutoCAD WS version?

Today (29.11.2011), AutoCAD WS team announced on their blog, some new functions which will be available in the next release of mobile CAD application.

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AutoCAD WS Desktop Folder

Recently AutoCAD WS for Android was released and the latest innovation to it is access to the contents of your account as an ordinary folder on your desktop.

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