Bookmanager is now available as a separate product

Model+model recently released their sixth volume with 3D models. The topic was books and with it as a bonus was included Bookmanager. This is a script for 3ds Max, with which you can easily arrange books on shelves and furniture in your 3D scenes. See how easy is to work with it from the video below.

So far, this script could be yours only with the entire volume of models worth $ 160. But from today (30.07.2012) Bookmanager can be purchased as a separate product at a price of $ 40.

Besides this change model+model have made a lot of improvements on it and it is now officially version 1.0. So far it was 0.9RC. More about the changes you can read on the official website.

This is a very good tool and it is important that it can work with any 3D book models. They don’t have to be necessarily from collection of model+model. The only thing to note is the correct position of the object before you start working. In this video you can see how it should be adjusted to obtain desired results.

You can also download a demo version and test the capabilities of Bookmanager. Of course some of its best features are removed there, but it is enough to get an idea of ​​what you can do with it. If you have difficulty with the installation do not worry, because from model+model have prepared another video specially on this topic.

I am particularly glad of the fact that one member of the team responsible for this wonderful script is a Bulgarian and his name is Kostadin Kotev.

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