Magic Plan makes the measurement of rooms quickly and easily

Magic Plan is quite an interesting application for iOS and Android, with which you can measure and draw each room, simply by shooting with the camera. It relies on built in devices gyroscope, compass and camera to determine the position and size of walls, windows and doors. What you need to do is 360-degree tour of the room, mark all corners and doors and the blueprint automatically appear on your screen. Sounds good, right?

It is possible to draw each room separately and then assemble them into a single drawing. Of course, after the initial measurement you can make any adjustments in the drawing – change the length and thickness of the walls, add elements such as windows, doors and more.

You can convert the plan into .jpeg, .pdf and most importantly in .dxf format. It is possible to create an online gallery too, which you can show to clients or colleagues. For this purpose, you have to register on All drawings that you make are uploaded automatically on this site. From there you can save them in any of the three formats. As you may have guessed the function for dxf export is paid and this is the reason why is not allowed to store files directly in your phone or tablet. Of course you can download for free the drawings in .jpeg and .pdf, but with a watermark.

Price plans are divided into two types – payment for single plan or monthly subscription. The price for one drawing is 2.99 €/plan and the subscription is 19.99 €/month, which however have no restrictions. If you want to learn more about the prices you can visit the official web page.

Magic Plan is handy app for measuring rooms, which makes unnecessary to wear tape measure, sheets and a pencil. Definitely it seems to doing a good job and worth a shot.

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